Case study

Share purchase


Mrs Walker has for many years been involved in property development and also has a sideline in ‘life coaching’. She is highly entrepreneurial and likes to monitor the markets and invest when the opportunity arises.

Over the years she has has been restricted to her personal funds, but she is the aware of the option of using her pension for this purpose. 

Mrs Walker already has a SSAS and has gradually built up a cash surplus in the scheme from sale profits and rental receipts. SSAS does not recommend any particular provider but has access to forms from various companies to set up portfolio accounts if so desired. Mrs Walker scours the market but doesn’t find a provider that suits her needs. At her request SSAS therefore provides the forms for her to establish a portfolio. 

Although she has great experience and has been very successful over the years, Mrs Walker is reluctant to take on the responsibility of placing the deals for such a total outlay herself. As such she signs up to the ‘advisory’ service the provider offers, whereby she can talk through her intended trades and obtain advice from an experienced professional.