Our philosophy

SSAS Practitioner.com was established in November 2009 and specialises in the design and management of Small Self Administered Scheme (SSAS) pensions. We offer a wealth of experience in the pensions industry, particularly in SSAS provision and pension planning, thus enabling your SSAS to be used to its full potential.

We believe the SSAS market needs shaking up in the same way SIPPs have been. Years ago, SIPPs were only available at high cost to the few, as is currently the case with most SSASs. Many find the cost of running a SSAS prohibitive or are unaware of how the high costs are eroding the value of their pension funds.

SSAS Practitioner.com's ethos is that a SSAS is an excellent, if underused, product and that running a SSAS does not merit the high fees charged by many traditional providers. We believe clients are losing out on huge amounts of potential retirement benefits due to these excessive fees and deserve a better deal, particularly in the current financial and economic climate. See Effect of excessive charges.

SSAS Practitioner.com's success is based upon provision of an innovative, high-quality service at a very reasonable cost.

For a no-obligation discussion, or simply for more information about SSASs, please call our freephone number 0800 112 3750 or email us at info@ssaspractitioner.com.



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