Case study

Purchasing assets from the member

Effectively 100% of the SSAS can be withdrawn in cash


Ron has an Executive Pension Plan (EPP) with a well-known Life House. The plan is worth approximately £100,000 but has markedly underperformed the market. After taking advice from his IFA, Ron establishes a SSAS with SSAS The EPP is transferred into the newly established SSAS and so becomes an asset of the SSAS. The EPP is sold on the IFA's advice and the proceeds remain in the SSAS.

Ron has shares in his own name worth approximately £100,000 and decides to transfer these shares into his SSAS. He supplies SSAS with an up-to-date valuation of the shares and SSAS arranges for the shares to be transferred in the SSAS in exchange for £100,000 in cash. Ron didn’t want to sell the shares as he saw good investment potential in them; the shares are now assets of Ron's SSAS and he has £100,000 in cash.

This example also applies to the sale of any permissable investment to the SSAS from a member.