The benefits of a SSAS - take control of your pension


Why a SSAS?

Please see 'SSAS or SIPP  -  a comparison' for more information.

Contributions & allowances

You can contribute to your SSAS in cash and also sell assets from your business to your SSAS, effectively withdrawing up to 100% of fund as cash.

In addition to building a tax-efficient retirement fund for you, your SSAS also ring-fences your assets against potential business creditors.

SSAS as a business Tool

Use your SSAS as a vehicle to lend money, borrow money (to purchase commercial property) and protect your assets from creditors, all in a tax-efficient manner.

Taking of retirement benefits

Use your SSAS for its primary purpose, to pay you a pension! Our SSAS allows full flexibility under the rule changes introduced in April 2015.  We also have a calculator that will let you know how much pension you can draw under Capped Drawdown for those who crystilised their benefits prior to April 6th 2015. 

Permitted SSAS investments

A huge variety of investments are allowable in a SSAS, thus benefiting both your business and your retirement.

Case studies

Examples of how a SSAS can benefit you.

Included in our case studies:

Making a loan from a SSAS. Lend money from your SSAS to your company or a third party; tax efficient for your SSAS and company; click here.

Need cash personally or for your business?  An example of how a SSAS can be used to acquire your personal or business assets;  click here.

Buying property and leasing it back to the Principal Employer. Extremely tax efficient for your SSAS and your company; click here.